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It’s great for your health and lifestyle to exercise but what else are you doing to stay well? Are you still smoking or eating junk food daily? You have to cut those out too. 
SINCE we are living in Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Month, let’s shine the spotlight on the five important elements of a healthy lifestyle.

The department of health calls on every South African to be embrace the five key elements of a healthy lifestyle:

– Good nutrition

– Regular physical activity

– Tobacco control

– Action against alcohol and substance abuse

Get help to get healthy

Whether your query is about eating correctly, the use of supplements and vitamins to aid a poor diet, or the optimal amount of exercise you should be getting to keep healthy, the staff at your pharmacy can offer guidance and referrals for further help to deal with alcohol and drug abuse issues.

If you are a smoker, stopping smoking is the single best move you can make for a healthier life.

They can assess your level of nicotine dependence and give you recommendations on how best to approach to quitting tobacco.

For those who worry about getting indirectly involved in risky sexual behaviour, a visit to your local pharmacy is highly recommended. Your community pharmacist will counsel you on the safer practices you can adopt to protect yourself and your partner.

If you have been exposed to someone else’s body fluids, ask them about pre and post-exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV infection.

You can also purchase HIV self-screening kits at your local pharmacy, to screen yourself in your own home.

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