About our Training

CATHCA was accredited by the South African Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority on community Healthcare level 2 and 4, training programmes which are in line with ideal ethical and moral values in community health care. As part of re-engineering the primary health care plan, Community health care is a necessary tool.

Through the contribution of CATHCA’S training Unit accredited trainers, moderators and assessors in-house and out-sourced CATHCA -in keeping with the South African Government’s Health Care delivery System- commits through its accredited and non- accredited training programmes to re-enforcing skill sets required to successfully provide efficient and effective health care services to local communities by local community health care workers.

CATHCA’s training Unit does not work in a closed off silo but rather coordinates with various governmental bodies, education and training sites, funding societies, civil society, local communities and CATHCA’s member organisations.

CATHCA’s Training Unit Vision

To enable the provision of high quality affordable health services to all, particularly the poor and marginalised in Southern Africa, in the Spirit and service of our Lord Jesus Christ.


CATHCA will provide quality health care to all, especially the poor and marginalized in Southern Africa in the spirit and service of Christ.  To affirm develop support and strengthen both individual health care workers and all other health care role players.    The training center will support CATHCA strategic plan in education, innovation and capacity building.


  • To offer training, capacity building and Mentorship of all learners on accredited qualifications and non- accredited short courses
  • To further develop communication on, branding  and Marketing of CATHCA as an Accredited Training Unit
  • To ensure that the Training Unit’s accreditation and compliance remain viable and continue to meet the needs of our target audience.