U=U stands for: Undetectable = Untransmittable

An undetectable viral load on HIV treatment (ART) stops HIV transmission

“There should be no doubt that a person with sustained, undetectable levels of HIV in their blood cannot transmit HIV to their sexual partners.”

Professor Chloe Orkin, Chair, British HIV Association

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“Many who live with violence day in and day out, assume that it is an intrinsic part of the human condition.  But this is not so.  Violence can be prevented.  Violent cultures can be turned around. In my own country and around the world, we have shining examples of how violence has been countered.  Governments, communities and individuals can make a difference.”

Nelson Mandela



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1 July 2021

comes into Force!


The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA)

 is South Africa’s latest major data privacy law – empowering its citizens with enforceable rights over their personal information, establishing eight minimum requirements for data processing (e.g. introducing consent as a required legal basis), creating a broad definition of personal information for comprehensive end-user protection, as well as forming the Information Regulator (SAIR) as lead enforcer and supervisor of the law.

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UNAIDS issued a stark warning that if leaders fail to tackle inequalities, the world could face 7.7 million AIDS-related deaths over the next 10 years…

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Are COVID-19 vaccines safe for people living with HIV?

Should people living with HIV be vaccinated against COVID-19?

The COVID-19 vaccines under development or approved by regulators are believed to be safe for most people, including people living with HIV.
Before vaccines are licensed for scale-up, national regulators . . . more