Members Activities

Members Activities

 Asiphilenikahle HBC situated in Witbank is one of our CATHCA members currently offering HIV/AIDS Testing Services to the community. The Department of Health trained 33 Community Advocates together with Broadreach on Covid-19 screening and testing on the 28th of April 2020 at Siposensimbi CHC. They have been going out as teams together with those from the Department of Health since the lockdown, to screen and test people at roadblocks, taxi ranks and the mines in conjunction a the Witbank SAPS and the SA Army. They continue to test people for HIV, refer them to the clinics and initiate them on ART during the Covid-19 screening and testing campaigns. Asiphilenikahle HBC has tested over 2300 people on Covid-19 together with DOH teams during the lockdown period.

Covid-19 screening and testing campaign: Nkangala district 30th of April 2020 (Asiphilenikahle HBC)




 Inkanyezi HIV/AIDS organisation and Mountainview Health Organisation in Orange Farm and Lufuno Education for Life organisation in Soweto are CATHCA members who joined the COJ department of Health at the mass campaign for Covid-19 awareness, testing and screening held at the MTN Taxi Rank in Central Johannesburg from the 28th-30th of April 2020. They also offered their HIV/AIDS Testing Services to people during the campaign.

City of Johannesburg Covid-19 Screening and Testing Campaign: 28th-30th of April 2020

AFRA Tembisa and AFRA Kempton Park are CATHCA members operating in Ekhuruleni North district. They are doing HTS work, Covid-19 screening and taking part in awareness campaigns. 23 Community Advocates were trained on Covid-19 on the 19th of April 2020 at Ethafeni Clinic in Ekhuruleni North district. On the 18th of April 2020, they helped in the distribution of pamphlets from the Department of Health to help those in the informal settlements and the nearby farms to be aware of the symptoms of the Covid-19 virus and the prevention measures to take.

Community Advocates during training


The distribution of Covid-19 pamphlets at Kaalfontein Informal Settlement


Kopano Lerato OVC our member in Winterveldt, Pretoria is doing HTS work together with Covid-19 screening in their community. They are currently working together with Zamile clinic staff and the Department of Health WBOT teams in Tshwane district.



CATHCA Members May pictures of work

On the 12th of May 2020, CATHCA’s members namely AFRA Tembisa and AFRA Kempton Park were trained on how to screen for Covid-19 by a professional nurse from Spartan Clinic in the Ekhuruleni North district.

 AFRA Kepmton Park and Tembisa combine HIV Testing Services together with Screening for Covid-19.



Philisa Home Based Care in Mpumalanga, Bethal town’s Covid -19 team in their work gear, ready to go out and do screening and Covid-19 awareness to the community.


City of Johannesburg CATHCA members in Orange Farm, Mountainview Health Organisation and Inkanyezi HIV/AIDS Organisation take part in mass campaigns for both HIV/AIDS and Covid-19. They are targeting hot spots such as taxi-ranks and farms.

HIV/AIDS testing services and Covid-19 screening: 19 May 2020 Johannesburg